This is what I want my life to become. At the time of this writing I just finished enjoying the island of Ibiza. Spending an amazing few days with amazing people in an amazing place (yes that’s a bunch of amazings added there for your reading pleasure). Now I’m on the mainland of Spain to enjoy Madrid followed by Valencia. This, Spain, is where all of this began for me as you may or may not remember from my first post, Captain’s Log: First Entry. In the past few months I’ve traveled to 5 different countries, eating great food, having wonderful experiences. While all of this is amazing a big thing for me is sustainability. A big benefit of getting out of my routine (or living space) is that I don’t have the same environmental triggers that reinforce behaviors associated with that environment.

Nature vs Nurture

This brings me to an age old debate of nature vs nurture. I’ll use the oversimplified version of genes vs environment, are we destined to be what our genes have predetermined us to be or are we products of our environment. My short answer is that believe it is a combination of both, but I do believe that we (maybe just me) don’t take into account how important nurture (environment) means for our development as people and the habits we ultimately create. Trying to lose weight, well having a house full of snacks and a freezer full of ice cream won’t help you with that.

More Cliches

What’s the point…

I’ve come to realize that my habits change depending on where I am physically. The person I am when I live alone is a different person than when I have roommates. Who I am in Orlando is different than who I am Miami. All of these states of being are known to me and I know what to expect from myself in those and many more situations. Due to this I can decide to put myself in an environment that caters to what I’m looking to achieve or… or I can put myself in a completely new situation/environment/etc… which would force me to begin anew, fresh for me to decide what I want that environment to provide me in terms of habits, attitude, and desires.

Make sure your environment is working for you and not taking away from. If your normal isn’t working for you then it’s time to create a new one.