We’re in an interesting time of life right now. For my extroverted friends, I’m sincerely sorry for what social distancing and all other measures may be doing to your mental health. While that’s not the topic of my writing I did want to get that out the way because as an introvert I had my first meal with another human being maybe a few weeks ago since the start of the quarantine here in Medellin in March. While that may be a long term depending on your perspective I’m comfortable with myself and my thoughts and don’t really have a reason to try to get away from them (my thoughts). What I hope this pandemic or quarantine would’ve provided everyone with is some sense of what’s important in life. Sure, family and friends may round out that list of things, but to me, the most important part is a healthy mental state. Tough times like these test us all in different ways. One of the things that might have popped into your mind is where you spend your time. If you’re lucky enough you at least have a job of some kind to sustain whatever lifestyle it is that you currently have. From as long as I can remember we’ve been fed this idea of the “American Dream.” If you’ve been living under a rock for a few centuries let me tell you that the American dream as I can recall it, work for a number of years, maybe get a pension when you retire, and then you can start to live life sounds like a death sentence to me. That’s not including the system/country/business that has been the United States where my ancestors were “freed” with nothing, Happy Belated Juneteenth. Progressing the outdated “American Dream” to today where the goal is to work for a company where you can get some stock maybe some stock options, or find the next Uber, Netflix, etc if that’s where your head is at. Or being pitched some get rich quick scheme for some product or business idea and the only question I can ask is what is all of this for? If you work as an employee at a company you may or may not (it’s good to be self-aware and honest at this moment) be busting your ass in hopes of a promotion that your peers may agree with you in that regard or you might be coasting because there are others around that can pick up your slack. Are we working to support the lifestyle we want or are we working to pay bills? Last time I checked none of us are making it out alive.

Author commentary: I dislike when I get this weird zone where I have this place or these points that I want to get into, but then I start second-guessing myself for some reason. Like if the goal of life, this is my own perspective I’m sure people will have different opinions of this, is to enjoy it. Then why not only work to the point where I can sustain the lifestyle that I want. I’ve been traveling off and on for over a year and people are telling me that if I really want to “10x what I’m doing” then I need to jump into this thing that they are pitching me. Like I’m literally living the life that I want right now, at this moment. I’m super content right now, but I can get bored at times. If you’re not aware I’m very thoughtful, calculated, and am willing to do what is necessary as long as it’s a win-win (CFRI I appreciate ya’ll), but I am always looking ahead. Excuse my disjointed thoughts, if you want to chat about life, philosophy, anything really, my inbox is always open. Thank you for your time.